3rd Paradigm Chiropractic

There have been several paradigms or models of thought specific to the chiropractic profession over the course of its history.

As the process of science continues to advance, newer paradigms replace older ones when they begin to ‘fit’ our observations of the world better than their predecessor/s

At Noosa Junction Chiropractic we deliver chiropractic care specifically through the 3rd paradigm model. We see this model as the best, most defensible, scientifically accurate model that describes how chiropractic can benefit the people that use it.

What is 3rd Paradigm Chiropractic?

Your paradigm is
your "map," your "lens,"
your "model of the world"

Chiropractic is just GOOD FOR YOU!

Chiropractic removes subluxations that contribute to systemic dysregulation and dysfunction in your body.
And EVERY person is better off without the effects of subluxation on their health!

One of the fore-fathers of the Chiropractic profession, Reggie Gold, D.C. introduced and argued for the acceptance of 3rd Paradigm chiropractic.

This model is truly what many (if not all) chiropractors actually do with their families and friends, yet they tend to avoid communicating about this idea with their clients or the general public.

It is about being regularly checked for subluxation, irrespective of condition, symptom or dysfunction AND if subluxation is present, correcting it.

The 3rd paradigm is totally non-therapeutic in its intent and practice. There is no claim to cure all (or any) disease, and there is no attempt to define a causal relationship between subluxation and any particular disease or symptom. There is no disease treatment focus at all.

Chiropractic holds that a vertebral subluxation, by its very existence, inhibits the body’s ability to fully express its inherent potential.

Every vertebral subluxation, by definition, includes some alteration of nerve function from perfection to something else. Vertebral subluxation is, at the very least, a change in the body’s structure, and every scientist knows that a change in structure must inevitably result in a change in function. Therefore, all vertebral subluxations must result in altered function.

In short, people with vertebral subluxations would be better off without them.

The presence or absence of disease is irrelevant. 

Every human being, sick or well, newborn or aged, regardless of nutrition, exercise, occupation, sex, race, religion, and all other factors of life, is better off without vertebral subluxation.

By the time symptoms have occurred, years of opportunity for repair may have been lost. Why not correct vertebral subluxations when they occur, rather than wait for years of damage to produce symptoms?

We live in a country that spends billions of dollars a year on the treatment of sickness and disease, but precious little on health. 

As chiropractors we hope to lead the world into a new and more intelligent way of thinking, not follow the mistakes of the past.

3rd Paradigm Chiropractic is not about health and sickness.

It is about the recognition that vertebral subluxation causes more than just lost health potential and loss of every human potential. 

The nervous system is the coordinating system whereby the countless billions of body cells interact in harmony to express mind, body, spirit, emotion, artistic talent, speed, stamina, coordination, and family relations.

Vertebral subluxation is a cause of disharmony to this beautiful thing we call life.

In simple terms it is your model of how you do life! A distinct model of what you perceive to be reality. It is your ‘worldview’
Dr Ben Phillips

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