Chiropractic Adjustments, Exercise, Positive Body Thoughts, Somatoneurophysiology™ and Health


A consistent argument discussed on this site is that chiropractic adjustments (when required) are an essential component of living a vibrant, ideal life with great levels of health.

This assertion is based on the definition of health we use, and the rationale for regular chiropractic adjustments, found here.

Chiropractic Adjustments help restore the needed and essential 'nutrient' of spinal joint movement and that of other associated tissues ('postive body thoughts') - a direct contributor to more health.

They also reduce or remove the 'toxic' stimulus to the brain of faulty biomechanics that lead to increased nociception feedback ('negative body thoughts') to the brain. 

At its simplest, chiropractic is all about movement, and movement neurology!

Chiropractic adjustments, combined with the effects of general body movement (exercise) contribute to maximising and normalising the level of ‘positive body thoughts’ (the proprioception feedback the brain uses to ‘understand’ and keep tabs on the body) being transmitted to the brain.

The different forms of essential movement include weight-bearing, flexibility work, aerobic work and balance techniques.

The topic of somatoneurophysiology looks at movement from body tissues (somato), leading to the increased and more accurate positive ‘body thoughts’ (neuro) and the subsequent improvements in coordination and general body and mind function (physiology).

Remember that the brain, remarkable though it is, cannot hope to fully and accurately coordinate, control or heal the body while the accuracy of the ‘signals’ it uses for perception are compromised in any way.

If it has been ‘dialed’ up into a state of fear and protection, it will prioritise the most basic functions to keep the individual alive, at the expense of other vital functions which promote ideal function and optimal health.

A great example is that while the brain perceives imminent ‘threat’ (the tiger is about to attack!) it sends resources (energy, oxygen, blood etc.) to the brain and muscles for escape or defence. It effectively shuts down digestion and the immune system, because these are energy intensive (metabolically ‘expensive’) and are a ‘waste’ of resources in this emergency time. This can lead to all kinds of digestive and/or immune-related dysfunction.

Positive body thoughts directly contribute to a shift toward homeostasis increasing the health and wellness of the person concerned – partly by normalising (shutting down) the stress response, partly by firing off movement-learning and movement-pleasure pathways, and as renowned doctor Roger Sperry put it, by providing the ‘energy to run the brain’.

In this frame of reference, why would you not want to be regularly adjusted?

Or at least assessed for whether an adjustment is necessary!

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