Is Chiropractic care
a Requirement for an Ideal Life?

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Lifetime Chiropractic Care?

Is Lifetime Chiropractic Care a requirement for an Ideal life? Yes…and No!

We must re-affirm that the statement above is NOT recommending excessive or unnecessary levels or frequency of chiropractic care.

Please also note that we are referring to an ‘ideal life’ – the best possible life, where chiropractic care is ONE important contributor among many different contributing requirements, needs or factors.

We think it’s valuable to distinguish that chiropractic care is NOT a requirement specifically,
however, what chiropractic (as a healthcare strategy) can provide IS a requirement IF you want to live an ideal life.

Please explain!

Chiropractic is a STRATEGY used to help develop a better functioning and communicating nervous system and brain. THIS is the biological requirement mentioned above that you need if you want to live an ideal (best possible) life.

Elsewhere we have stated that however long YOU choose to take advantage of chiropractic care is ALWAYS up to you, and that some people CHOOSE to engage with chiropractor regularly for life.

In our view, the following explains WHY lifetime care can be seen as a requirement in industrialized (‘western’) society:

We have described here what some of the common stressors/contributing factors are which can lead to subluxations forming in the human body.

Many (if not all) of these stressors tend to go ‘part and parcel’ with our current society’s lifestyle choices, and what we expect our bodies to do for us, as a result of those habits and choices – this is why subluxation is so common and widespread.

Here we’ve explained why a properly moving and healthy spine is so vital for growth, development and living the best life possible; and how chiropractic adjustments can help normalise joint function and nerve system input to your brain.

Because our lives are continually affected by many of these ongoing stressors and reasonable changes to our lifestyle or environment often cannot easily or permanently remove their impact (or in many cases our lifestyle choices mean we CANNOT remove these stressors from our lives), it is essential that we receive regular ‘checks’ (assessment and examination) from a chiropractor and chiropractic care (adjustments) if the ‘check’ shows the presence of subluxations.

To maximize function of your body, this care ideally needs to be ongoing, for life, to maximize our spinal health and hygiene with its flow-on effects to our nervous system and then wider health and function of our bodies.

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