Subluxation: An ‘energetic’ or ‘esoteric’ definition

Energy flowing through lightbulb - metaphor for chiropractic

If you are more engaged by a more esoteric or ‘energetic’ explanation of this world, you will likely appreciate the following article.

The chiropractic subluxation can be described in many ways; this one has more esoteric overtones:

While chiropractic subluxation can be described in very mechanical terms, the meaning of the concept or model of subluxation can be looked at from an entirely different perspective – deriving said meaning from the etymological components of the word itself:

SUB = less than
LUX = light, energy, life
ATION = “a condition of”

In this context:

Subluxation = a CONDITION of LESS THAN optimal LIGHT, ENERGY or LIFE.

This definition links to a more holistic or wellness-based concept that any state of less than full health can also be seen as being a state of dis-ease (a LACK of full and complete ease/function) in your body.

Using this definition relies on accepting an idea termed ‘vitalism’

Vitalism is one component of the philosophy that guides us in our health centre – you can read more about our philosophy here.

It suggests that there is a field or intelligence inside you that organises you and works to keep you alive; in fact it is what ‘makes’ you alive compared to an inanimate object.

Many years ago, this internal ‘force’ was called the elan vital (the vital force or impulse of life); chiropractors call it your innate, or inborn intelligence. Some people might call it ‘the field’ or those with a more religious or spiritual persuasion might think of it as ‘soul’ or ‘spirit.’ For Star Wars fans, it’s ‘the force!’

Chiropractors argue that health comes from within. That it passes from Above-Down, and then Inside-Out. As such healthcare needs to support this ‘source’ of health and ‘putting something in’ will never result in a true healthcare outcome. Many chiropractors also subscribe to the idea of ‘innate’ or innate intelligence – something derived from the ‘field’ that works to keep you in a state of growth and healing as opposed to a state of decay.

For those less open to such ideas, the same concept can be expressed as the self-healing and self-regulating capacity of the body, which functions at its best ONLY when its biological requirements are being met.

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