The 5 ‘Pillars’ of Chronic Illness (Ill-health)

Chronic Disease Associated Words and Conditions

Chronic Illness is a SERIOUS concern...

In industrialised (western) countries like Australia, the burden of ill-health, particularly chronic illness, has been steadily rising despite significant increases in expenditure from both the private and public purse.

The evidence clearly shows that by far, the highest proportion of this ever-increasing burden is seen in the incidence of chronic illness, disease or pre-cursor ‘syndromes’.

The traditional responses of the medical system – medication, surgery and radiation have not been successful in changing this ever-increasing burden. Despite these approaches, chronic illness has sharply risen over recent history.

If this situation is going to change, our society needs to start doing something differently.

If you understand the following 5 physiological ‘pillars’ of chronic illness, and how they interact with each other to drive and maintain chronic disease, it can very much change how you see disease and what you feel you can do about it.

If you also understand the way that chiropractic, health and wellness coaching and lifestyle change can address and reverse them, remarkable change can result.

One of the first steps is education. Information!

The FIVE physiological 'pillars' of Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness 5 Pillars Image

Lifestyle and environmental stressors (a form of toxicity, deficiency or both) in physical, chemical or mental-emotional domains lead to Pillar One:

Chronic Illness Pillar 1 Image

Pillar ONE

The chronic production and release of stress hormones (Adrenaline & Cortisol)

Which then cause the four remaining adaptive responses by the body:

This is described in further detail in the following article relating to the impact of stress: click here

Chronic Illness Pillar 2 Image

Pillar TWO

Insulin Resistance

Due to a decrease of insulin receptors on cell membrane surfaces

Chronic Illness Pillar 3 Image

Pillar THREE

Chronic Inflammation
(a systemic 'pro-inflammatory' state)

Underlying almost EVERY chronic illness – including pain, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s to name just a few

Chronic Illness Pillar 4 Image

Pillar FOUR

Decreased production & release of
Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin
(and other disordered liver function)

Chronic Illness Pillar 5 Image

Pillar FIVE

Down-regulated Immune Function

The combined effects of these 5 pillars...

These 5 pillars combined lead to all of the following changes to your physiology; in turn the result is changes to many of the ‘markers’ you test for in medical assessments (such as blood tests) or indicators of risk for particular disease states:

The great news is that understanding the impact of lifestyle and environmental stressors as the cause of these pillars means that you have a choice!

You can choose to learn about, identify and then reduce, eliminate or counteract the impact of these stressors.

Health and Wellness Coaching (one of our services) is the perfect pathway to begin this journey.

Chiropractic care can begin to normalise or counteract some of the impact of this lifestyle and environmental stress too!

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