Subluxation, negative body thoughts, somatoneurophysiology™, and health or illness

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There is a clear relationship between Vertebral Subluxation Complex (Subluxation for short), sedentary living, negative body thoughts, somatoneurophysiology™, and less-than-ideal levels of health, or increased levels of illness.


Somatoneurophysiology™ is a term coined to show the clear relationship between somato- (the body wall or body ‘structure’) neuro- (the nerve feedback messages from theses structures (muscles, bones etc) often as a result of movement) and physiology (function of the body, mediated by the brain, spinal cord and hormonal system).

Negative Body Thoughts!

Negative ‘body thoughts’ is a new term used to simplify the concept of ‘nociception’ (neurological ‘stress’ feedback) to make it an easier concept to digest and relate to.

These stressful ‘body thoughts’ fire off into the spinal cord, as a result of a range of stimuli – most notably a lack of appropriate (or ‘normal’) movement in any part of the body.

Remember though, that a high concentration of nociceptors (the nerve receptors that are the source of negative body thoughts) and indeed also a high concentration of proprioceptors (sources of positive body thoughts) are found in and around the tissues of the spine. This is where a link to chiropractic care becomes so relevant!

It is also really important that almost all of these ‘body thoughts’ remain completely unconscious so you have no awareness of any symptoms (symptoms are simply the conscious ‘warning signals’ that develop when the unconscious stresses remain for too long).

Sedentary Living

If we are not moving correctly as an entire organism (ie. we are too sedentary in our lives) or specific areas of our body are deficient in their correct movement patterns, the result is increased negative body thoughts – body stress signals.

Chiropractors identify and help you to correct Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

These are areas of deficient movement in your spinal joints – the one place from where the brain should be receiving most of its ‘good’ body thoughts becomes a source instead of negative body thoughts.

Once again – you have no way of knowing they are there – these negative body thoughts remain almost 100% unconscious!

Stress Physiology

Elsewhere on this site we have shown that through somatoneurophysiology, the negative body thoughts, if they predominate, lead to an array of different negative brain and body functional outcomes – all of which are leading away from health (homeostasis) and toward illness, sickness, disease or whatever other term you want to give these states of function.

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