What is Different about ‘Wellness’ Chiropractic Care?

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Chiropractic is a broad profession

There can be differences in the services and clinical interventions that different chiropractors offer to their clients. Wellness chiropractic is how we choose to practice at Noosa Junction Chiropractic.

This can cause confusion as you may visit different chiropractors and be given different explanations about what chiropractic is and how it can help you! It is both a strength and a weakness of chiropractic that you can experience so many variations of healthcare all being ‘sold’ under the same ‘name’ or ‘banner’.

At the heart of it, all chiropractors focus on improving the function of the spine and nervous system to influence your health and wellbeing.

Within this broad profession there are two broad categories defined loosely by the approach and intent of the care they provide you, the client. 

Limited Scope Chiropractic

At one end of the spectrum are chiropractors who choose to limit their scope to helping diagnose, treat or manage various symptoms and biomechanical syndromes including pain and conditions – these chiropractors focus on what you might traditionally ‘associate’ as the realm of the chiropractor – back pain, neck pain, headache etc.

“Clearly patients [‘clients’] do not need to be in pain to be candidates for spinal adjustment.”

– Seaman, D.R. Joint complex dysfunction, a novel term to replace subluxation/subluxation complex: etiological and treatment considerations. JMPT 1997; 20(9)

Wellness Chiropractic

At the other end of the spectrum are ‘wellness’ or ‘holistic’ chiropractors that hold to a broader scope of health care that still includes helping people who may be experiencing symptoms, yet also extends to more.

Wellness chiropractic also helps clients with symptoms, but not from a framework of fixing, curing or treating; wellness chiropractic holds that chiropractic MAY be one strategy of contributing to better overall health and function. Not the only contributing factor, but most definitely a major one! 

To understand a rationale for this, to explore why brain function and overall health depend on this, click here.

In reality these descriptions are somewhat artificial and not so clear-cut – there is really a continuum of chiropractic care and many variations between these two ‘ends’, with a greater or lesser focus on either end of the spectrum depending on the focus of the chiropractor themselves.

It is a great question to ask your chiropractor about where they sit on this spectrum as this may be one factor which may influence your choice to use their services.

At Noosa Junction Chiropractic, we operate with this wellness philosophical basis as the underlying framework for the recommendations we provide.

Wellness chiropractic does not diagnose, treat, cure or fix. We are here to help you maximise the function inherent in your own body – you heal, not us! This is connected to a framework or model of healthcare called ‘salutogenesis’ where there is a focus on factors that support human health and well-being, rather than on factors that cause disease.

Wellness chiropractic does still use thorough assessments; chiropractors in this model do form a clinical impression (a 'diagnosis'), and we support you through a variety of means to improve your body function – both when you have overt symptoms and also when you don’t! 

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