Movement Deficiency Syndrome™

Evolution of a sedentary movement deficiency culture

Movement Deficiency Syndrome™ is a concept informed by the idea that we all NEED exercise or physical movement! Movement is life! Movement is a biological requirement for neurological health and a vibrant, optimal life.

The evidence is clear that movement is an ‘essential nutrient’ to ensure the healthy, homeostatic function, both of individual cells, and our bodies more broadly. And the vast majority of us are NOT getting enough!

What this means is that we can ONLY express true levels of health and homeostasis when we have sufficiency in a range of domains, one of which is movement. Movement deficiency means we cannot function at our best.

The theory as to why this is so, is that our genetic requirements were ‘set’ when the ‘human’ species came into existence from earlier human ancestors. At that time, our hunter-gatherer lifestyle included regular and vigorous exercise, so our genes evolved such that they required this as their ‘norm’.

Movement Deficiency is pandemic in our industrialised society – from sedentary living, to the amount of sitting we allow, loss of micro-movement in the tissues or structures of our bodies (an example being subluxation), over-extending or moving excessively when our body is not ‘used’ to doing so, through to not regularly engaging in exercise or healthy movement of some kind.

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