The Key To Creating Happiness and Health!

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The key to any shift toward health (homeostasis) and happiness is personal change.

By realising that some (or many) or our current behaviours (including the environment in which we choose to live and the stressors we choose to accept or endure) are causing adaptation and a resultant shift AWAY from homeostasis – toward illness, sickness and dysfunction we then have the ultimate power to CHOOSE to change this.

If we continue to allow such states to be our norm it is difficult if not impossible to reach or maintain a state of happiness!

Knowing that we have the power to change, we only need to work to overcome disenfranchisement and dis-empowerment – the feeling or belief that we either don’t have the knowledge (know-how) or the support systems and resources to make the change necessary – then back ourselves, take action and live better.

A desire and a willingness to change is essential, but you cannot develop the desire or willingness if you don’t have the tools – the most important of which, is exposure to information that can lead to a change in your underlying beliefs.

This is where our Vibrant Life Keys help you learn a framework for better quality living!

Beliefs and the internal self-talk that arises from our beliefs rule our behaviour.

If we understand this key, accepting that our internal dialogue is a CHOICE and that it represents our INTERPRETATION or our ENVIRONMENT – if we realise as a result that we can change our dialogue if we wish, we will ultimately achieve change, happiness and health!

This power we all possess – to re-frame our perceived flaws, lack, ‘problems’, fears, sadness, anxiety and more is one of the most powerful success strategies known. Affirmation, planning, goal-setting, accountability and desire can all contribute to delivering our potential – allowing us to play a great game and contribute to a greater degree.

This key can create a state of true mental health, for which a ‘symptom’ is ultimate happiness!

By defining and making rational, conscious decisions about what are the innate or ideal states of nutrition, physical fitness, mental and emotional vitality and social connection and taking action to achieve these we create happiness and health.

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