5 Critical Concepts Arising from the Wellness & Prevention Paradigm

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These 5 ideas are derived from and encapsulate some of the differences about what the Wellness & Prevention paradigm of Health truly means, and how it directs our approach at Noosa Junction Chiropractic:

1. Our genes are programmed for health.

Toxicity and/or Deficiency – having too much of something we don’t need or that is not good for us, or having too little of something that is a clear requirement for ideal function – are the two primary factors leading to sickness. They affect the expression of our genes and lead to sickness physiology; we MUST move away from a belief in FAULTY genetics.

2. Our genes do NOT differ
from our Paleolithic, hunter-gatherer,
pre-agricultural, pre-industrial ancestors.

The concept of evolution makes clear that genetic changes take millennia to occur – 10 thousand years (the appoximate timeframe since the agricultrural revolution) is not enough time for this to have occurred.

3. Our ancestors, and surviving tribes
that model their lifestyles, did NOT die from the diseases of lifestyle like modern humans do.

Diseases like heart disease, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, and stroke,
or suffering from the degenerative or autoimmune disease like arthritis, lupus, M.S., chronic fatigue, low fertility, depression, etc. were/are virtually non-existent.

Learn more about the pillars of chronic ill-health (sickness) here.

4. The only difference between our healthy ancestors and our sick society today, is toxicity and deficiency. The genes are the same!

The exorbitant rise is ‘chronic illness’ over the last 50-60 years are due to changes in lifestyle and stress levels during this time – we can’t blame genes!

5. Modern illness is due to environmental,
NOT genetic factors.

Our environment encompasses the external world around us, as well as our internal environment – both impact the expression of our genes through epigenetics – the food we eat, the thoughts we think, how much we move – in short, the lifestyle we choose to lead are all important aspects of our environment.

The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm makes two primary arguments.

First, that: Modern illnesses are AVOIDABLE! Second, that: Modern health is ATTAINABLE!!

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