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Usually doctors and practitioners get all of your info, and yet, you learn very little about them. Let’s change that! What makes Dr Ben tick, what are his passions?

Who is Dr Ben?

I do prefer Ben – although I am a “Benjamin”.

I was born in Melbourne and lived in Victoria until moving to Queensland in 2011.

After stints in Far North Queensland, Brisbane and Mackay, in 2016 I moved to the Sunshine Coast and I’m here in Noosa to stay! It is paradise as we all know!

I live locally here in Sunshine Beach.

I love new experiences and learning…reading, movies, cooking, yoga, meditation, personal development courses, ‘paleo’ or primal principles with food and lifestyle. I’m into bushwalking, swimming, the beach and I’ve dabbled with MovNat (check it out, it’s pretty cool!). 

I don’t mind the odd bit of crazy…white-water rafting, scuba and jumping out of planes!

I’m (sort of) learning French and plan to re-connect with the piano.

For Dr Ben, Chiropractic was a ‘natural fit’

It’s not surprising that I’m a chiropractor. I’ve been under chiropractic care since the age of three and at ten, I decided I wanted to be one!

For me, chiropractic is about so much more than not having discomfort (pain).

I feel a greater sense of ‘connectedness’ with myself after an adjustment, more aware, calm, and focused. I associate many health benefits with regular chiropractic care; one big one is better immune function – I just don’t tend to get sick! I also don’t worry about my health or lack of it, because I’ve committed to regularly check in with my chiropractor, who assesses the function of my spine and nervous system. Here’s more on my take on Chiropractic…

In my mid-twenties after stints in hospitality and call centres, I started the 5-year Chiropractic program (3 Year Bachelor/2 Year Masters) at RMIT University in Melbourne. I graduated with Distinction in 2009.

I also studied massage and taught through my years at university.

I’ve earned the C.C.W.P. qualification – Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Professional from the International Chiropractic Association’s Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science. These skills are all about how chiropractic, combined with eating, moving, thinking and interacting well help people move toward better function, performance and productivity.

I continue to keep up-to date with the latest science and research, to make sure that the care I provides remains at the cutting edge.

Dr Ben is inspired by proactive healthcare

My inspiration to be a proactive health provider comes from seeing the effects on our society of people only paying attention to health when they react to a symptom. Our community needs to change this!

The current mainstream model (paradigm) is not actually about health or optimum function, it’s about the treatment of disease or sickness; which increases the burden of unnecessary suffering, locking us in to just ‘survive’ and leading us on to an ever-downward spiral in our ‘health timeline’.

Medications of course have their place in our society (as do GPs, specialists etc.), yet taking a drug to ‘get rid of’ a symptom is often a stop-gap ‘band-aid,’ not a true resolution!

Helping people out of the ‘autopilot’ mode where they think life is just what it is, where they feel powerless over their lives or health and where they don’t think about striving for better – that excites me! I know this is a much better way!

Fortunately, there is a growing desire for change: in how we look at health, our body, our involvement in the world, economics, politics, society, and how we live life. I believe we can all contribute to this!

I choose to incorporate Chiropractic as a primary part of my ‘healthstyle.’ And it can be that for you too (if you want it to be!).

Not my JOB – my passion, my vocation, my inspiration…

It’s not a “job” for me, it’s my passion. I get so much from helping other people learn healthier strategies and quest for better quality of life. I’m grateful for what chiropractic has done for me…it’s kept me healthy; functioning at my best, even in times where I haven’t cared for myself in the best possible ways. And it’s allowed me to be part of people living better, longer lives!

Noosa Junction Chiropractic has been my baby now for almost 3 years and I am all about growing a ‘tribe’ of people connected with similar goals, and a desire to achieve them.

Sickness, dysfunction or dis-ease is not the NORM. We exist to promote true healthcare: maximising health and function.

Our vision is an INSPIRED COMMUNITY in Noosa and abroad living a more VIBRANT LIFE with Chiropractic Care.

Check out our Purpose, Mission, Vision and Goal right here!

We help people proactively ‘top up their tank’ to enhance how they cope with life’s events and challenges – working toward improved levels of health, wellbeing and contribution and working toward living better, for longer.

What makes us unique is our commitment to fun, laughter, families, professionalism, integrity, empowerment and honesty.

We get results!

We get great results because we address the underlying causes of ill-health, not just the symptoms – remember, we want to find those causes, help your amazing body resolve them, and then teach you ways to quit recreating them in the future!

I love what I offer, yet I’m always striving to improve how I do what I do. I know I provide excellent service for a fair fee and I would ask for your help so I can help more people. Please refer, and continue to refer your friends, family, colleagues (and even acquaintances!) because I know the potential that exists if people ‘get it’ and begin to live a life with proper communication between their brain and body! The possibilities are endless!

I commit to not waste your time or money. I’m here to provide excellence and cutting-edge healthcare for enough time (perhaps a lifetime) to get phenomenal results for you.

As long as you continue to benefit from my care, I’ll keep doing what I do! If at any time though, you feel you are not gaining from your care, let me know! How YOU are responding is key, so I’ll happily refer you either to another chiropractor or someone else more suited to your needs if I’m unable to modify your care to get better outcomes.

Simple, undeniable principles underlie why Chiropractic often achieves amazing outcomes for people:

Your body and mind are intelligent – self-healing, self-organising, self-regulating and able to coordinate a mind-blowing degree of function without you ever having to think about it. Your nervous system makes this happen!

Our body’s “set point” or “normal state” is awesome and extraordinary health – as long as its’ needs (requirements) are being met AND we are identifying, reducing or removing the beliefs, behaviours and environmental or lifestyle exposures (toxic or stressful loads) that interfere with those requirements.

It follows that if we first LEARN what those requirements are, and then TAKE ACTION to:

  • A) provide what our body and mind need, and
  • B) remove or counteract what it doesn’t

then given enough time, our life is definitely going to be better!

In fact, a vibrant, extraordinary life of fun, passion, connection and contribution is almost guaranteed in these circumstances! Who doesn’t want that? It’s all about making quality conscious choices in our lives!

I know the inborn (innate) intelligence of your body can (and does) heal the body, as long as it can do its job without interference. I look forward to working with you, to help you get well and/or stay well, for life!


I hold excitement for the possibilities…

Dr Ben Phillips  (Chiropractor)
B.App.Sc.(Comp.Med.) M.Clin.Chiro(2009) C.C.W.P (ICA)

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