Allopathic Nutritional Guidelines are INVALID

Health Food Choices

Nutritional guidelines, like any form of evidence are based on research. However the paradigm within which the research is undertaken will determine the value and/or validity of the answers given.

It is the view of Noosa Junction Chiropractic that the current nutritional guidelines recommended by many governments around the world (and often supported by the medical and dietetics industries are invalid.

Please remember the importance of understanding that the paradigm used leads to particular research being done. It determines the types of questions that are posed and investigated, and it also determines the analysis and expected answers that arise from such research!

Why are current guidelines invalid? Because they were developed from within the ‘allopathic’ paradigm of health, not the ‘wellness’ paradigm which uses ‘healthy cell function’ as the arbiter of the outcomes we want to achieve.

What this means is that the recommendations about what you require from your nutrition are built on some very faulty principles. 

Minimum and maximum recommendations are provided that prevent you from experiencing ‘symptoms and disease’ rather than being based on ‘what your cells require to be healthy’.

This is why we see it as VITAL to use a model such as our Vibrant Life Keys to look at a framework for doing life better!

Another big problem is that the research to establish these recommendations has been carried out using test subjects who are already eating a deficient, toxic menu – refined and processed, nutrient-depleted foods with low fibre content (that don’t reflect a true ‘good for you’ menu).

For years the ‘healthy eating pyramid’ was the primary tool used to teach people what ‘good’ nutrition was. It was flawed by industry lobbying, by the invalid ‘heart-fat hypothesis’ and so much more. The ‘plate’ model now commonly used still suffers from many of these challenges – it includes milk, which eminent university research has clearly shown there is NO valid need for in the human diet.

When you start eating the right foods, in the right quantities, many of these recommended values become useless.

There was never a holistic analysis with an ‘ideal’ or ‘optimum’ menu, such as those still living in hunter-gatherer societies today. A menu to provide healthy function of our cells, which by nature goes a long way toward preventing today’s ‘modern’ illnesses.

The final factor to consider is that industrial lobbying organisations have had a huge influence over these recommendations, oftentimes successfully having their products included (dairy and grain for example) without valid research into the health effects of these products.

The recent ‘healthy star’ system implemented by government here in Australia is yet another example of a poor outcome due to lobbying by industry.

Certain foods have become habitual norms in our society without appropriate analysis to support their inclusion into our day to day foods!

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