Deficiency and Toxicity of Industrial Life – The Impact On Children’s Health


At Noosa Junction Chiropractic we argue that all stress can be classed as either a toxicity or deficiency (or both) – children’s health now suffers from such high levels of these stressful stimuli that the impact as individuals and as a population segment to stark.

We know the impact of obesity. We know that what was once the ‘old person’s type of diabetes’ now impacts children. We know that postural problems are rife. We know that social challenges, bullying and more is a huge concern.

Our modern way of living, including the environments we choose to live in, are so very different now to the times when our genetic code as a species was ‘set’.

We now experience significantly more toxicity and deficiency in the Physical, Mental-Emotional, Biochemical and Social domains than we were ever designed or intended to be exposed to.

Just some of the toxicity and deficiency affecting children’s health include:

  • The medicalisation of the birth process, including the high rates of interventions such as drug-use, monitoring and c-section.
  • The reduction in numbers of women breastfeeding at all, or the length of time they do, in conjuction with these mothers own nutritional deficiencies all contributing to deficient nutrition or even toxic nutrition for bubs – toxic especially if milk substitutes are fed that contain high sugar content, or inappropriate proteins while the bub maintains its natural leaky gut.
  • The lack of movement, exploration, fun and play as parents are either fearful of outside ‘harms’ or kids have become addicted to electronic media for their ‘socialisation’ and ‘fun’.

This is far from a exhaustive list! Yet just these examples are bad enough by themeselves!

Children are exposed to so much toxicity and deficiency stimuli from such a young age now, that it is not surprising how the incidence of many chronic diseases has shifted and now are affecting children where historically they only impacted adults.

This is a vital reason why we must work toward changing our cultural and political structures to maximise the movement for change – to focus on teaching the value of a wellness and prevention paradigm from a young age to everyone!

Welcome to the world of Vital Life Keys for living a better, more vibrant, extraordinary life.

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