The NJC definition of ‘Sickness’

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If you understand and accept the NJC definition of Health based on the balanced function of all the body’s cells, then the way we define sickness (in terms of cell function) becomes a simple idea.

The NJC definition of SICKNESS states that anything LESS than 100% perfect health…anything less than 10/10 on the health scale…is sickness.

This could be any range from 0.000001 through to 9.99999999 (zero, of course representing complete organism death).

Under this definition, if even one cell (or any group of cells) is NOT expressing full health, it must follow that they are subject to some form of toxicity or deficiency stress.

Sometimes however it can mean the historical ‘toxicity or deficiency load’ is still impacting the cell as an accumulated effect (in the case that the toxicity or deficiency have been identified and improved) – and this process can take time to normalize or ‘heal’ toward the 10/10 state.

Sickness (adaptation and dysfunction) can ONLY be accurately defined in terms of the correct function of cells. Any other definition is invalid and inaccurate based on the accepted norms of science.

When we more commonly use of a group of symptoms or pain to define sickness what we are actually only identifying are indicators or ‘warning signs’ of the dysfunction, they are the effects of the dysfunction and not the dysfunction itself.  

All this definition means is that if you are not functioning at 100%, and you have used some form of objective test or measure to confirm or infer this, that there is work to do, if you want to!

This is the realm of working PROACTIVELY toward health and not just seeking prevention or just reacting to a ‘health’ crisis.

Life is not about being perfect – but always striving toward improvement and growth is a great life-choice to make!

Health (and life) is a journey, not a destination.

Choosing to be:

  • conscious about our health,
  • learn more about how to promote health in our lives, and
  • prioritise those actions

is truly important if we want to live our best possible lives.

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