Vibrant Life Key 1: Power & Control – the way it’s meant to be!

Optimal Life Key#1 POWER CONTROL

Vibrant Life Key #1 is about improving the function of your intelligent control and coordination mechanism – your brain and nervous system! By doing this you enhance the power & control your body and mind have at their disposal to function at higher and higher levels.

From your nervous system comes awareness, inspiration, power, drive, intent, desire, passion – it truly is the POWER or impetus for all function; the coordinating and controlling system of the body.

It perceives, memorises, and allows you to define and understand your life and world…

These Keys are all about working toward purity and sufficiency, primarily by removing toxicity, and resolving deficiency in PHYSICAL, BIOCHEMICAL, MENTAL-EMOTIONAL and SOCIAL realms or domains.

Chiropractic Care is one of the primary ways to address Vibrant Life Key #1 - it is all about reducing the ongoing toxic stress-load of subluxation and improving the movement capacity of our chronically movement-deprived bodies.

If the aim is a complete shift toward better cell function, human beings need to include in their ‘healthstyle’ both knowledge of and action steps toward resolving toxicity or deficiency in the domain of neurological function.

When implementing change in the area of ‘Power & Control’ we are effectively discussing all of the factors that contribute to stress-load of our brain and nervous system.

We are an organism of over 70 TRILLION cells; each cell lives needs constant connection with the nervous system to ‘guide’ its function and provide instruction based on perception of both the internal and external world. Cells that reject or lose this connection become cancer!

Cells are forced to adapt and change their function either because:

  • they are TOXIC – being exposed to something that is not appropriate or not genetically required, OR
  • they are DEFICIENT – they do not have an essential nutrient or resource, as genetically required for their optimum function

Remember, this is important because sickness results from deficiency and toxicity, the two forms of stress that result in a loss of the healthy state (a movement in function AWAY from your cells operating in what scientists refer to as ‘homeostasis.’)

Of course it can be a combination of the two, or it may be that the accumulated load from previous stress is still affecting the cell’s function.

As with the broader conversation about the value of Health & Wellness coaching, we work to help people identify how or where they are experiencing either a toxicity load or a deficiency state in terms of their brain and nervous system. 

Remember the terms 'toxicity' and 'deficiency' in this situation refer to the neurological 'stimulus' - the sensory load that is delivered to the brain second by second, however you can of course also experience ‘toxicity’ and ‘deficiency’ in CHEMICAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL-EMOTIONAL and SOCIAL domains.

The idea of a neurological toxicity or deficiency refers to too much of something NOT needed, or not enough of something that IS needed. These two categories are that the root of all illness.

Requirements for Ideal Power & Control

Ideal ‘Power & Control’ is about ensuring clear, uninterrupted communication loops from your source of innate control (the brain and internal intelligence) to each and every body cell; it’s also about having enough rest, reducing mental-emotional stress, providing novel experiences and so much more…​

Ideal Power and Control can only be developed if we understand and work with the brain and nervous system’s needs, and reduce known toxicities or deficiencies to its function.

Producing Ideal Nervous System Function (communication/control) is discussed in great depth throughout this website, and is our clinicial strategy to address and improve it is through Chiropractic care. Learn more about the rationale for regular chiropractic care here.

In addition, maximising brain and nervous system function requires adequate sleep, rest, recovery and  relaxation strategies – of which there are many.

Key #1 cannot be fully achieved without conjunction with Key #4 (thinking and feeling) where strategies to address mental and emotional stress are addressed.

One of the needs that our nervous system thrives on is the provision of stimuli that first invoke ‘uncertainty’ and are then followed by ‘certainty’ – barefoot walking is an example of one way to drive this type of stimulus toward the central nervous system.

In conjunction with Key #2 (internal chemistry), ideal Power & Control is in part measured by your degree of energy, vitality and overall health and well-being.

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