The Healthcare Hierarchy

Elsewhere on this site we have outlined and explained the paradigm, and the deeply inter-related philosophy that drive what we do. We think it is worth your time to understand this critical, relevant and useful information so you can engage with us and get the most out of our professional support. 

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The delivery model of holistic, proactive, responsive healthcare we envision for this planet, a model where there is a profound change in the focus of healthcare creates a context which puts chiropractic front and centre – this model shows chiropractors being well-placed to operate within a Wellness & Prevention paradigm as the gatekeepers or the ‘central hub’ from which to coordinate healthcare services and referrals.

Why work on health only when you don’t have it anymore?
It just doesn’t make sense!

Our model still celebrates and honours traditional western medicine for its capacity to work in acute accident, trauma and emergency situations. These skills are vital and very much needed, yet it shifts the focus of health and healthcare to self-responsibility and making change in one’s life to reduce the likelihood of crisis (sickness, disease) eventuating.**

The concept of the Healthcare Hierarchy is a simple idea that illustrates this concept very well – scroll down to learn more…

The 'Healthcare Hierarchy'

Healthcare Hierarchy Graphic - Selfcare, Health Care, Crisis Care


If you are doing LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 of the hierarchy well, you are always working toward a more vibrant life and optimal wellbeing. As a result, the benefit is that you can usually avoid LEVEL 3. We can call this ‘crisis-care’ and also ‘sickness care’

This ‘pointy end’ of the stick is sadly much of the focus of what we usually call ‘healthcare’ in our society today. Of course the professionals that are skilled in this area are brilliant at what they do, they are essential to our lives and they are there to be consulted if you ever need it, when you ever need it!


At the next (MIDDLE) level of the hierarchy is what we call TRUE HEALTHCARE.

This is the regular, consistent use of healthcare professionals MAINLY when you are symptom-free, to find underlying, asymptomatic dysfunction or inefficiencies; these people help you to correct the causes and promote healing before this dysfunction becomes more serious – AND they teach you or expose you to skills and knowledge to enhance your SELF-care.

How regularly will depend on your goals and the type of care being provided – yet these experts are facilitators and coaches who help YOU to help YOU!!

Level 1: SELF-CARE

At the BASE of this model is ‘self-care’

The idea is that you spend MOST of your time, effort, energy and resources on learning about the REQUIREMENTS for an ideal life and then, critically, IMPLEMENTING strategies to fulfil or achieve those REQUIREMENTS. This is about you maximising your own health and wellbeing. It is critical to appreciate the importance of self-responsibility in living well – it IS the most important ingredient.

Our focus it to help the broader community understand the potential benefits of this type of healthcare, to actively work toward changing our societal / cultural teachings that focus on sickness and treatment and to re-frame priorities to help the people of this world flourish.​