All Non-Homeostatic Cell Function (Sickness) Must Result from Stressors…

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What is sickness? What is disease? How do stressors lead to sickness?

Every health profession agrees that ideal health or function is a state called ‘homeostasis‘. The way we’ve described it elsewhere on this site is a state where all cells of the organism are operating at 10/10 on the continuum of health. Remember the NJC definition of ‘sickness’ is any cell or group of cells not expressing full or ideal function – NOT operating is a state of homeostasis – the ONLY way non-homeostatic function can occur is in the presence of stressors…

The Wellness & Prevention paradigm would takes health and sickness a step further by saying that cells are actually designed, formed or ‘born’ to always express life and function at 10/10 – that this is their natural state of being.

Cells are not designed to operate in a sluggish manner or with dysfunction as a ‘set point’. 

Nor should they die earlier than is appropriate for them to die (such as when their death serves the greater good of the body or organism in which they live). No cell is ‘born’ with the objective of overriding its control mechanisms to become cancerous.

In summary:

All things ‘alive’ are governed, controlled and coordinated by a vital, perfect ‘field’ or intelligence, referred to by chiropractors as ‘innate’ intelligence (innate simply means ‘inborn’). 

The concept is that if the communication loop between this intelligence and the cell is operating effectively (without interference or interruption) the control exerted by the intelligent field ensures the expression of the 10/10 state.

Stated succinctly:

“the bodymind responds to its environment in the most physiologically appropriate manner possible at any given moment.”

– Dr James Chestnut
It follows that if a cell or group of cells is exhibiting less than 10/10 function (ie, they are not in a balanced state of homeostasis) where their connection to that intelligence is being restricted in some way and the expression, control or organisation that results from the clear and complete communication loop is not functioning to its full degree.

One step further, and this means that anything that can prevent the communication loop from operating correctly, anything that requires a cell or organism to adapt without reference to its innate intelligence will lead to non-homeostatic function.


Sickness and stressors go hand in hand!

At Noosa Junction Chiropractic we classify ‘stressors’ as either toxicity, deficiency or a combination of both.

Stressors by this definition must be states that interfere with the feedback loop and force a cell to alter and/or adapt its function in a way that moves away from healthy or ideal.

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