The NJC definition of Healthcare


Once we understand the Noosa Junction Chiropractic definitions of Health and Sickness, it follows that healthcare can be defined as ANY approach or intervention aimed at helping a state of sickness move toward wellness by improving cellular function.

Any intervention that identifies cells which are not operating at 10/10 function – and then works toward removing, reducing or counteracting physical, chemical, mental-emotional or behavioural toxicities and/or resolving deficiencies in these same categories is healthcare.

The result of healthcare is that you are moving a person from wherever they are on the health scale HIGHER, back toward the 10/10 level.

This is the ‘salutogenic’ model where healthcare is focused on factors that support human health and well-being, rather than on factors that cause disease (pathogenesis). This model specifically concerns itself with the relationship between health, stress, and coping.

An approach or intervention that further induces a state of toxicity or deficiency, or overrides the organisms natural function, EVEN if it removes a symptom or helps someone feel better is NOT true healthcare.

Muliple medications - polypharmacy
Scalpel in gloved hand

It may be a useful or helpful intervention for someone in crisis, but it is not about actually moving someone further along the health continuum to a state of better health.

Much of the traditional system of what is called ‘healthcare’ in our society (while important, valuable and valid when a patient is in a critical or crisis state) does not move toward further cellular health. Instead, it tends to suppress symptoms, and by making someone ‘feel’ better, gives them an inaccurate belief or trust that they are now well or that the problem is resolved.

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