Toxic Food Additives & Food Choices to Avoid

Image of a range of toxic foods

Working toward reducing toxicity in our lives definitely means (in part) cleaning up our nutrition – the food, additives and chemicals we regularly consume are often toxic to our bodies.

The toxicity may not be obvious because of our remarkable detoxification and storage systems that work hard to adapt to these pressures – but imagine the energy and resources that would be available for other healthier uses if our bodies were NOT using them in this detox process!

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Advice regarding nutrition is widely available and are a source of significant confusion because many sources of advice oppose one another!

Using our suggested model - which is about working toward cellular homeostasis by removing potential toxic loads and increasing quantities of essential requirements, we have compiled a list of foods or food components that are good to avoid.

The below list includes things that:

  • were never natural parts of our intake in the past (our bodies have never evolved to digest, process or respond to them),
  • are the result of heavy processing (taking the foodstuff away from its whole, natural state),
  • increase the likelihood of concentration of toxic load (because they are higher themselves on the food chain), or
  • are stimulants or diuretics than put extra pressure on either our nervous system or other body systems.

Toxic food additives and food choices that our system recommends completely avoiding include:

  • Hydrogenated, Partially-hydrogenated and Trans fats
  • Added Salt
  • MSG or hydrolysed protein
  • Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners
  • Any and all chemical food additives and colours
  • Non-fibre carbohydrates such as refined sugars, and any and all corn syrup or its derivatives.
  • Fried foods
  • Processed and Non-fibre carbohydrates
  • Pretty much all cereal grains
  • Dairy
  • Fruit juices – concentrated sugar basically!
  • Caffeine
  • Sprayed and/or early harvested fruits and veg
  • Grain-fed, antibiotic-fed and hormone-fed meats
  • Non-filtered water
  • Most dried fruits
  • Corn products
  • Soy products (unless fermented appropriately)
  • Shellfish, tuna and farmed fish
  • Smoked and other preserved meats
  • Pork
  • Higher order carnivorous animals
  • Alcohol

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