Vibrant Life ‘Keys’
– the way you’re meant to be!

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The Vibrant Life Keys are the requirements we all need to achieve an ULTIMATE LIFE

Better FUNCTION = Better LIFE

These two concepts are synonymous (mutually INCLUSIVE) – you can’t have one without the other!

Acknowledging Sources - Chestnut, Richards, Maslow

The Vibrant Life Keys are heavily influenced by
 (and we credit/thank) the following sources:

  • James Chestnut – Innate Lifestyle Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well program
  • Jamie Richards – Life By Design program
  • the expanded Hierarchy of Human Needs proposed by Maslow

We use these Keys as the basis for our Health & Wellness Coaching.

We argue that there truly is ONE panacea that works for EVERYONE, 100% of the time:

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Remember that these 7 Keys are about working toward cellular functional purity and sufficiency – as they relate to the ‘needs’ (genetically-determined requirements) for life.

This in turn expresses itself as improved health and function for the entire organism – us.

Keys 1-5 could be considered the ‘correct principles’ in the above formula. They inter-relate as each is vital to the performance or success of the other – however the over-arching requirement is an optimally functioning nervous system from which intelligent co-ordination and control arise.

Unless these principles are put into action in a consistent manner, the chance of significant improvements to health and wellbeing are minimal.

Part of the process of moving further toward purity and sufficiency is the reduction and/or removal of negative DISTRESS (toxicity loads and deficiency states in Physical, Biochemical, Mental-Emotional and Social realms or domains).

According to Maslow, there are a series of expanded human needs categorised as:

  • Cognitive Needs (knowledge and understanding, curiosity, exploration, need for meaning and predictability),
  • Aesthetic needs (appreciation and search for beauty, balance, form),
  • Self-actualisation needs (realizing personal potential, self-fulfilment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences) and finally,
  • Transcendence needs (motivated by values transcending beyond the personal self (e.g., mystical experiences and
    certain experiences with nature, aesthetic experiences, sexual experiences, service to others, the pursuit of science, religious faith, etc.)

These needs are encapsulated within Keys 4 & 5.

Click on each Vibrant Life Key for more detail...

Key #1 we consider to be the primary, overarching contribution to an ideal life:

Vibrant Life Key #1: POWER & CONTROL - the way it's meant to be!

Key #1 is about improving the function of your intelligent control and coordination system - your brain and nervous system! From your nervous system comes awareness, inspiration, power, drive, intent, desire, passion - it truly it the POWER or impetus for all function; the coordinating and controlling system of the body. It perceives, memorises, and allows you to define and understand your life and world...

We THEN need to be learning and taking action (or implementing strategies) toward fulfilling Keys # 2-5

Vibrant Life Key #2: YOUR CHEMISTRY - the way it's meant to be!

Key #2 is about improving your internal chemistry; it is so VERY important to health and wellbeing. Sometimes called the internal 'mileux' or even the internal 'soup' - this is the interplay of nutrition, hydration, drugs, acidity, neurotransmitters, hormones, inflammatory mediators and more. This all happens within the watery environment of self - the exchange, assimilation and use of chemicals and the excretion or storage of toxins and by-products...

Vibrant Life Key #3: MOVING - the way it's meant to be!

Key #3 is about improving quality and quantity of movement - because movement is life! We look at posture, efficiency, sedentary lifestyles or repetitive movements, breath, stretching, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, power, push-pull, functional training, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, lifting techniques, ergonomics, sitting and more...

Vibrant Life Key #4: THINKING & FEELING - the way it's meant to be!

Key #4 is about mental and emotional health, they way we think, communicate, are inspired and engage with ourselves - inside our own heads! This is as much about common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, general sadness, self-esteem, judgement, grief, guilt, shame, vulnerability, empowerment, confidence, sense of worth. It's also about love, joy, organising time, setting goals and getting clear on priorities...

Vibrant Life Key #5: SOCIAL CONNECTION - the way it's meant to be!

Key #5 acknowledges the vital role connection, tribe and support play in human health and wellbeing. It is about sharing, cooperation, intimacy, involvement, contribution, relationships - primary partner, kids/family, friendships. It looks at ritual, vulnerability, love, nurture, safety, feeling important, belonging, appreciation. And it looks at commitment to others...

Keys # 1-5 must be COMBINED with Keys #6 & #7 to acheive your desired results!

Vibrant Life Key #6: CONSISTENCY - the way it's meant to be!

Key #6 is critical to any successful path toward an Optimal Life. We need to take action, and we need repetition to create new neuroplastic pathways in our brains. The new behaviour needs to be concentrated enough to lead to the desired outcome! We often need to change our beliefs, experiment, explore. One 'stimulus' is usually not enough. Most humans don't respond well to 'cold-turkey' change and we need both the commitment to make change, AND permission to 'fail,' allowing us to learn from the experience and re-attempt the change.

Vibrant Life Key #7: TIME - the way it's meant to be!

The human ecosystem can sometimes change in a fraction of a second, yet most changes require time. Key#7 says that consistent action to implement correct principles must be done for 'long enough' (preferably for a lifetime) to have desired, long-lasting effect. As above, repetition is vital. Time is often required to overcome prior stress load or states of illness or cellular dis-harmony. Time is also required to reinforce and continue the 'additive' benefits of new better lifestyle habits, beliefs and action.

(above and beyond base requirements from Maslow’s hierarchy – like ‘Shelter’)

  1. Optimal Nervous System Function (communication/control)
    1. Chiropractic Care
    2. Adequate rest/recovery/sleep/relaxation techniques

THEN LEARN about & take ACTION toward:

  1. Eat WELL – (Reduce and eliminate CHEMICAL STRESS)
    1. Nutrition (Food is FUEL) Good quality foods
    2. Appropriate Clean Hydration (Water)
    3. Reduced Sugars
    4. Limit poor foods (manufactured, white…, grains, dairy, alcohol)
    5. Eat calm, relaxed, focussed on task of eating, ENJOY, take your time
    6. Cleansing in a biologically appropriate way / ACIDITY


  1. Essential Nutrient System, vital for EVERYBODY, EVERY DAY, FOR LIFE
  2. Reduce medications / drug-use
  3. Limit other toxic components
  1. Move WELL – (Reduce and eliminate PHYSICAL STRESS)
    1. Sitting
    2. Enough (right types of) Movement vs. Exercise
    3. Oxygenation / Breathing
    4. Postural Awareness
    5. Physical alignment/structure/strength/stability/balance/flexibility
    6. Regular breaks from repetitive activities
    7. (YOGA / TAI CHI / MARTIAL ART / Base = feet to make sure your base of support is working well)
  1. Think WELL – (Reduce and eliminate MENTAL / EMOTIONAL STRESS)
    1. Develop strong, capable, loving sense of self, identity / Mindset
    2. Understand and own your worth
    3. Worries
    4. Purpose, Values
    5. Goals
    6. Positive self-talk
    7. Meditation / Relaxation / Mental-Emotional Stress reduction strategies
    8. Exploration of (release of) trauma/conditioning/beliefs/emotions
  1. Interact WELL – (Social / Relationships / Connection / Not being alone or stuck)
    1. Love
    2. Relationships, Safe, Important, Appreciated
    3. Community involvement / contribution to family & society
    4. Belong “place”

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