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What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is about delivering balance and freedom to your body by improving your nervous system function – getting your brain and body talking to each other the way they’re supposed to!

Chiropractic works within the field of Functional Neurology – understanding that your your nervous system intimately controls and coordinates your EVERY function – and from there, your health and wellbeing.

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Give Your Children Potential To Thrive
Happy, Balanced Children LOVE Chiropractic Care
MULTI CHOICE: Healthy = what??
(A) No Pain or Symptoms?
(B) Eating or Exercising Well?
(C) Looking Good?
(D) All Of Your Cells Functioning At Their Best?
Start Your Journey To Better Health!
Health is a Journey, not a Destination!
The road to a healthy spine and nervous system starts here - at Noosa Junction Chiropractic
When Do You Think You Are SICK??
The day you have a heart attack? A day or two before? Many days before?
SO - is it true to think SICKNESS is ONLY when you FEEL BAD or have SYMPTOMS?
Here's the real QUESTION: Can sickness be present WITHOUT obvious symptoms?
Helping YOU Toward
Vibrant, Extraordinary Health by Choice, not Chance!
We combine Chiropractic with Health & Wellness Coaching to help
YOU improve the Quality of your Life!
Which Doctor Do You Need to See More Often?
The DOCTOR who studies HEALTHY function or the DOCTOR who studies DISEASE?
– who is BEST suited to helping you get WELL and stay WELL for a lifetime?
Total Wellness For Your WHOLE FAMILY
From Newborns to Grandad, we provide Personal Care for Everyone, no matter their age!
Chiropractic Subluxations...like Holes in Your Teeth!
1) They're often 'clinically silent' (no SYMPTOMS); 2) Their effects are often SIGNIFICANT;
3) They often need EXPERT ATTENTION...
AND they're often IMPROVED with regular homework - ASK US HOW!
Enjoy Your Best Life!
Results can't be guaranteed, however BETTER PERFORMANCE and COMFORT are two outcomes
our clients regularly experience in our health centre!
Are You Stressed Today?
Is stress ONLY the EMOTIONAL WORRIES in your MIND? Or is stress SOMETHING MORE?
Did You Know Stressors can be from PHYSICAL, or MENTAL/EMOTIONAL or CHEMICAL causes?
Life is surely about THRIVING, not just SURVIVING!
- discover the freedom to live your life as you'd like it to be.
Did you know that SITTING more than 2 Hours TODAY
Make sure you move more throughout your day!
We believe your body is
Do You Think You Deserve To Get The MOST Out Of LIFE? 
Did You Know That Your SPINE Moving Properly
can make:
Your Memory Better? | Your Concentration Better? | Your Moods Better? | Your Organs Work Better?
We Define Health as:
"complete physical, mental and social wellbeing" - not just having NO symptoms
Click Here for how We Help You move toward a More Vibrant Life
Chiropractic Adjustments turn ON your Nervous System!
What TOXINS Do You Have In YOUR Life?
Maccas? Ciggies? Booze? Coffee? Constant Sitting? Anger? Worry? Sadness? Feeling Unloved?

EVERY ILLNESS comes back to some form of TOXICITY or DEFICIENCY...
Are We The Right Health Centre for YOU?
Don't Feel 100%...want to know if LIFE can be BETTER?
Experiencing Pain or Symptoms?
Want Help To Live an EVEN MORE Vibrant Life?
What are you MISSING out on RIGHT NOW?
Love? Fun? Laughter? Good Food? Pure Water? Movement EVERY DAY?

EVERY ILLNESS comes back to some form of DEFICIENCY or TOXICITY...
Have YOU Stretched Your Spine at least TWICE today?
Bending BACKWARD is PARTICULARLY GOOD – Let Us Show You How To Do It Safely!
Guess What?? We Know the PANACEA for Life!
Choose Behaviours / Lifestyle which Support What Your Body Needs!
Your Noosa, Queensland Chiropractors
Helping YOU toward Vibrant, Extraordinary Health by CHOICE, not by CHANCE!

Are YOU Struggling With SYMPTOMS?

Our body sometimes lets us know when it needs some help or that we’ve exceeded what it can cope with.
At Noosa Junction Chiropractic we call these symptoms – Body Signals. Body Signals are intelligent messages FROM you body to YOU saying:


(the behaviour or the stress load that has caused the overwhelm)

Body Signals can include:
Indigestion, Sleep problems, Brain "fog", Allergies, Digestive upset (gut issues), Inflammation, Discomfort, Headaches, Low energy (tiredness), Balance issues, Problems with Movement or Coordination, Bad Posture, Memory trouble, Back Pain, Moodiness, Anxiety or Depression, a variety of 'Diseases' and ‘Conditions' and more...

Sometimes they’re subtle, sometimes they’re really nasty. 
Many of us find that we are struggling with a ‘daily grind’ of low-level ongoing issues that sap our fun, productivity, contribution, inspiration and more.

We can help you understand what causes them and how you can begin to heal them.

Visiting your local chiropractor in Noosa could be the answer to finding comfort, freedom, mobility, balance and so much more...

Often, without you being aware, subtle spine and nervous system dysfunction can play a role in your health challenges, symptoms, dysfunction or just the sense of overwhelm that may be affecting your quality of life. Left unresolved, this may reduce how efficiently your brain can coordinate and control YOU, potentially limiting your health potential. We are your chiropractors in Noosa – we work this vital relationship between your spine, your nervous system and your total health and wellness.

We’re here to help you learn more about your body, understand how to help it function better and teach you proactive ways to live better now!

One definition of ‘health’ is “complete physical, mental and social wellbeing” – not just having no symptoms!

We’re here to help you learn more about your body, understand how to help it function better and teach you proactive ways to live better now!

Chiropractic care is about delivering balance and freedom to your body by improving your nervous system function – getting your brain and body talking to each other the way they’re supposed to!

We believe your body is DESIGNED to be EXTRAORDINARY…don’t you think you deserve to get the most out of life?



Your Health & Wellness Coach

Hi, I’m Dr Ben Phillips – director, owner, Health & Wellness Coach and principal Chiropractor at Noosa Junction Chiropractic.

I’m a health & wellness expert – I’ve collected a lot of knowledge and wisdom (and I’m always working to grow this) to impart about living a better quality of life. It’s my passion – and I’m good at it!

I’m all about helping you to GET WELL, then STAY WELL for life!

Yet my approach is also about more…driven by YOU the care I provide helps you one step, a few steps, or many steps toward living your ‘best’ life.

I help you learn new ideas, and implement proactive or preventative strategies which can help you love life more – to be happier, improve your productivity and grow your passion for life!


We're here to help, whether you want short-term relief or comprehensive wellness care.

Let's help you live a More Conscious Life,develop awareness about the causes of dysfunction and dis-ease and improve upon wherever you are NOW!

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Level 1, Swanston House - 5 / 26 Sunshine Beach Rd, Noosa Heads QLD 4567

Level 1, Swanston House

5 / 26 Sunshine Beach Rd, Noosa Heads QLD 4567
We’re located in Noosa Junction, opposite Noosa Cinemas, upstairs (above and behind) Noosa Junction Newsagency.

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