Pregnancy & Birth

Congratulations on your pregnancy! At Noosa Junction Chiropractic, we understand the unique physical and emotional changes that occur during this special time. Our holistic approach to Chiropractic care can provide essential support throughout your pregnancy journey, optimising your comfort and wellbeing. Let us be a trusted partner in nurturing your health and facilitating a positive birth experience.

Chiropractic care recognises the body’s innate wisdom and its ability to adapt and thrive during pregnancy. At Noosa Junction Chiropractic, we approach pregnancy and birth from a holistic perspective, considering the interconnectedness of your spine, nervous system, and overall wellbeing. By addressing the specific needs of expectant mothers, our Chiropractic care aims to enhance comfort, support optimal foetal positioning, and promote a positive birth experience.


Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy & Birth:

Spinal Alignment: Pregnancy can lead to postural changes and pelvic imbalances that may cause discomfort and affect your body’s ability to adapt. Through gentle Chiropractic adjustments, our experienced chiropractors can help restore and maintain optimal spinal alignment, potentially reducing pregnancy related discomfort and promoting better pelvic balance.

Nervous System Support: The nervous system plays a vital role in the development and wellbeing of both mother and baby. Chiropractic care aims to support the nervous system through gentle adjustments, potentially enhancing communication between the brain, spine, and reproductive system, promoting overall health and wellbeing for both mother and baby.

Pelvic Health: As your body prepares for childbirth, maintaining pelvic health is crucial. Our chiropractors employ techniques to address pelvic misalignments and optimise pelvic function, potentially facilitating an optimal foetal position and a smoother birthing process.

Hormonal Balance: Pregnancy involves significant hormonal changes that can impact your physical and emotional wellbeing. Our Chiropractic care focuses on supporting hormonal balance through gentle adjustments and lifestyle recommendations, potentially alleviating common pregnancy discomforts and enhancing overall wellbeing.

Research Support:

As the field of Chiropractic care for pregnancy and birth continues to evolve, preliminary research hints at the exciting possibilities it offers in nurturing expectant mothers and facilitating a positive birth experience.
• Stuber KJ, et al. (2012). Chiropractic treatment of pregnancy related low back pain: A systematic review of the evidence. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, 35(6), 514-525.
This systematic review examined the effectiveness of Chiropractic care for pregnancy related low back pain. The findings indicated positive outcomes and improved pain levels in pregnant women receiving Chiropractic interventions.
• Alcantara J, et al. (2019). The use of Chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy during pregnancy. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 25(3), 237-246. This literature review explored the use of Chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy during pregnancy. The study found that Chiropractic care during pregnancy was generally safe and could provide beneficial outcomes, including improved comfort and decreased pain.

Experience Empowered Pregnancy and Birth at Noosa Junction Chiropractic:

At Noosa Junction Chiropractic, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout your pregnancy journey and helping you experience an empowered birth. Our Chiropractic care focuses on addressing your specific needs, supporting your body’s natural processes, and promoting overall wellbeing. Let our experienced chiropractors be your trusted partners in nurturing your health and creating a positive pregnancy and birth experience. Schedule a consultation with us at Noosa Junction Chiropractic today.