Health & Wellness Coaching

We provide this coaching in conjunction with your chiropractic care, or as a dedicated separate service in some cases.

Health & Wellness Coaching is a process of delivering advice, strategies and a plan for success
for what is needed for YOU to live a BETTER quality of LIFE

Why is Health & Wellness Coaching important?

Chiropractic care alone (while very important to help you function at your best) is not all you need to maximise your health and express your full potential.

Health & Wellness Coaching incorporates all of the advice, ideas, homework, rehab strategies, exercises, stretches, lifestyle changes and recommendations we make for you – everything that is NOT the clinical application of chiropractic care.

Some of these ideas challenge the accepted wisdom of traditional healthcare!

The bottom line is clear: functioning at
requires many things!

Health & Wellness Coaching is focused on sharing the Vibrant Life Keys

Our Vibrant Life Keys explore the genetic requirements for ideal human life – and taking our own lifestyle choices and behaviours closer toward these essential needs to achieve optimal function.
Dr Ben Phillips

There are seven (7) Vibrant Life Keys which combine to recommend changes and/or improvements to areas of ‘healthstyle’ including ideal neurological function, nutrition and internal chemistry, movement, brain function (thinking, emotion and more) and social interaction.

They also underpin the need to understand, identify, eliminate or counteract the toxic loads or deficiency states which may be found in how you are living life.

This is about helping you understand how to ‘do’ life better, helping you prioritise and implement changes that can manifest this better function and quality of life.

Our Vibrant Life Keys are about highlighting the GENERAL REQUIREMENTS each member of the human species needs to express health and wellbeing...
...and the word REQUIREMENT by definition means "ESSENTIAL"

While there is a case to be made for bio-individuality (different people needing different things for health and wellbeing) this is only relevant above and beyond the ‘species-wide, species-specific’ general requirements that can be shown to be necessary for everyone. 

It is our genetic blueprint as human beings that determine what for us is a deficiency and what is a toxicity (these requirements are often different from one species to the next). If we know what  requirements are essential for ideal life, we can determine what for us as humans represent: 

A Toxic Load = your body experiencing too much of something it is not designed to.

 A Deficiency State = your body NOT getting enough of something it genetically requires.

This is the simple way to define what constitutes a NEGATIVE or HARMFUL stress-load ie. something that will likely have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing (technical term in the literature: distress, as opposed to the beneficial ‘eustress’)

To determine your health, the following formula is an accurate predictor…

James Chestnut Innate Formula for Health
  • Where your innate genetic capacity and the intelligence which drives it is fixed
  • How sufficient and pure your life and lifestyle are relative to the essential requirements of life will determine how close to your full genetic potential is expressed
  • How much deficiency or toxicity you experience will detract from your expression of optimal health and function.

Paradigm...critical to understanding what we do and why!

The Vibrant Life Keys have been designed from within our paradigm - and are heavily influenced by it

Read more here about paradigm AND our wellness & prevention paradigm