Definitions - such an important topic!

We have clear definitions of terms and concepts that are derived from our ‘Health & Wellness’ paradigm.

Here at Noosa Junction Chiropractic we subscribe to a philosophy (paradigm) of health & wellness which is all about:

  • focusing on strategies that work toward measuring what is working well in one’s life,
  • identifying what can work better, and
  • eliminating or counteracting what might be compromising moving in the direction of better health and wellbeing.
  • It focuses on function as opposed to dysfunction or disease.

This is pretty different from the 'norm'

Many people in our society have been taught that health is what you feel or look like, not how you function!

Our culture here in Australia teaches most of us to seek help only when we have ‘a problem’ – reacting to pain or other symptoms is often the first attempt people make to resolve dysfunction.

There is an assumption in ‘healthcare’ policy that having such a problem justifies or mandates the need for an intervention or a ‘treatment’ and that no ‘need’ exists before a symptom becomes known.

This cultural idea has come to us from allopathy, the sickness and treatment philosophy or paradigm that underpins much of the common wisdom regarding what constitutes healthcare.

Yet what is clear and irrefutable is that symptoms tend to occur very late in any disease or dysfunction process.

Our Paradigm leads to different meanings of words like 'health', 'sickness' and 'healthcare'

Please look at the following definitions we have described. It helps you decide if you like what we’re on about, and whether you think what we have to offer is a ‘fit’ in your life…