Our Model

Noosa Junction Chiropractic has a model of healthcare delivery that aims to assist you to live a more vibrant life.

This is about moving toward better quality of life – toward an ideal or optimal state…

The Noosa Junction Chiropractic model:

Remember a primary tenet of our philosophy is that our bodies are self-healing and self-organising. Our model is all about:

  • focusing on strategies that work toward measuring what is working well in one’s life,
  • identifying what can work better, and
  • eliminating or counteracting what might be compromising moving in the direction of better health and wellbeing.

It focuses on function as opposed to dysfunction or disease

The bottom line is clear: functioning at
requires many things!

Our model requires:

  • Assessment (both self-assessment, and use of our clinical assessment and examination results) to identify where you are on a continuum of health, and…
  • It works best, only if you also set clear goals for yourself about where you would like to get to, and how important it is for you to do so!

Having HEALTH is not just random. It doesn't just happen. There are rules.

The PREMISE is simple: If we fulfil the REQUIREMENTS of success, then HEALTH (success) will be the natural default STATE! Everything you want is on the verge of happening IF you follow the rules.

Being healthy is NOT JUST LUCK – you are in control of quality and quantity of your life (95% of health challenges are related to lifestyle-choice)

This formula is a TRUE panacea for all:

  1. Correct principles (most important part) +
  2. Consistent Action +
  3. Time (preferably a lifetime)

= Extraordinary results

To be truly well, you must do the right things, at the same time, for a period of time, preferably a lifetime!

Panacea Infographic Featured Image

The only thing that stops us expressing our ideal life is:

  1. Not getting the things we need OR /
  2. Interfering in some way with the normal REQUIREMENTS of life (which come from the inside out)!

Figure out a principle (that works) and keep repeating it...FOREVER

At Noosa Junction Chiropractic, re-formulation of the maxim ‘prevention is better than cure’ reads:
Being PROACTIVE, is better than PREVENTION, which is better than CURE"

Correct PRINCIPLES = Identifying the REQUIREMENTS, then implementing strategies to address them!

When one provides a human being with the natural ingredients it needs as a self-regulating, self-healing organism and removes interferences to these innate abilities the result is health and healing within the genetic limits of that human being.

Imagine if we had consistent check-ins and were successful just 3% of the time
(this is what it took to get astronauts to the moon!)

These REQUIREMENTS can be identified. They are ESSENTIAL. They are a NECESSITY.

These things are not just “good for us” – many things are good for us! They are REQUIRED!

We must understand that for any living creature to be well it must be sufficient in the environmental nutrients or raw materials or stimuli that it genetically requires AND ALSO be free from toxicity, AT THE SAME TIMEFOR A PERIOD OF TIME, before it will express its health potential.

There are REQUIREMENTS for every human being needs to express health and wellbeing...
...and the word REQUIREMENT by definition means "ESSENTIAL"

A primary REQUIREMENT is of course to understand, identify, avoid, remove (eliminate), reduce, counteract or heal from the effects of toxic loads and deficiency states which may be found in how you are living life!

James Chestnut Innate Formula for Health
  • Your innate genetic capacity and the intelligence which drives it is fixed
  • How sufficient and pure your life and lifestyle are relative to the essential requirements of life will determine how close to your full genetic potential is expressed
  • How much deficiency or toxicity you experience will detract from your expression of optimal health and function.

It is our genetic blueprint as the species ‘home sapiens’ that sets what for us are requirements for purity and sufficiency, and in turn what represents deficiency or toxicity (these requirements are often different from one species to the next). 

Often people ask about bio-individuality (different people needing different things for health and wellbeing). There is certainly some truth to this concept however approaches that are individualised are only relevant above and beyond the ‘species-wide, species-specific’ general requirements that can be shown to be necessary for everyone. 


Defining toxicity or deficiency is simple:

A Toxic Load = your body experiencing too much of something it is not designed to.

 A Deficiency State = your body NOT getting enough of something it genetically requires.

Our Model of REQUIREMENTS is built around 7 Vibrant Life Keys

The Vibrant Life Keys have been designed from within our paradigm – and are heavily influenced by it.

These Keys combine to recommend changes and/or improvements to areas of ‘healthstyle’ including ideal neurological function, nutrition and internal chemistry, movement, brain function (thinking, emotion and more) and social interaction.

This is about helping you understand how to ‘do’ life better, helping you prioritise and implement changes that can manifest this better function and quality of life.

These Vibrant Life Keys explore the genetic requirements for ideal human life – and taking our own lifestyle choices and behaviours closer toward these essential needs to achieve optimal function.
Dr Ben Phillips

While the Vibrant Life Keys** are are comprehensive program or map to the MANY things we need for an ideal life, we CAN simplify them down to 4 BASIC FUNDAMENTAL REQUIREMENTS – if we focus on these…we will flourish (unless there is profound or long-standing damage present).

**The Vibrant Life Keys expand on these 4 fundamentals and explore multiple subsets. 

The 4 Fundamentals:

  • Physical Requirements
  • Mental & Emotional Requirements (including social relationships, and feelings of worth/contribution/value)
  • Brain-Body Communication Requirements (this is the realm of a Chiropractor!)
  • Nutrition Requirements

You can't do 1 of the 4 and be at your best.
You need to do all of them..
Each one plays on/relates to the rest.

Doing ANY of the four will be beneficial...of course, because this is basic
to the FUNDAMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY of the human body(mind).

Clinically we can’t just address one variable and expect results; all chronic illnesses are caused by a multitude of variables operating over long periods of time. 

A state of health doesn’t have just one “CAUSE,” rather there are a range of causal factors/determinants so there is just no point addressing only one issue. 

If you don’t address the entire human ecosystem, and the environment in which that human ecosystem lives, then you have no chance of eliciting the expression of health or preventing illness.

We don't move from 2/10 to 10/10 on a health scale by simply changing 1 variable – this is a crazy assumption!

The point of our Model is that while Chiropractic care is central to what we do...it is not all that YOU need to do:

  1. Better nerve system function will help you digest your food better (you’re not what you EAT, you’re what you DIGEST!) HOWEVER, 
    Nutrition improvements don’t replace the need for improved nervous system function.
  2. My training will be a million times better if I have a good nerve supply/control (coordination / balance / reaction times / power etc) AND YET,
    Methods to improve thinking and feeling don’t replace the need for sufficient exercise/movement.
  3. My sleep, or my thinking, will be better from eating the right foods, AND ALSO
    Improved nervous system function (through chiropractic care) doesn’t replace clear thinking, having purpose, feeling loved etc.

Once you establish quality brain/body connection, communication and control (via chiropractic care), then it is very important to move through the subsequent steps toward wellness.

Then, as you implement these steps, you must follow this up by checking and correcting…over and over and over.

Health (and moving toward a more vibrant life) is a process not an event!

It is about progression NOT perfection!

No matter where you start, you're always going to benefit, but the ultimate goal is to integrate each of the steps over time.

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