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The Philosophy of Chiropractic can be identified by a primary concept or principle – often described as ADIO.

The ADIO philosophy & the underlying principles of that philosophy are simple and widely applicable…and we expand upon it within our MODEL of care, here.

In simple terms: we ARE designed to be amazing, as long as our body gets what it needs and as long as there’s no interference from the outside in.



ADIO stands for Above-Down, then Inside-Out.

This philosophy seems somewhat simplistic however it actually becomes more complex the more you explore it.

This concept is deeply ingrained in why chiropractors adjust subluxations to assist their clients in the improvement of Quality of Life.


The above down component refers to the flow of intelligence, information and control from the brain and central nervous system to ever other cell, organ and tissue in your body. It explores a unit of information called the mental impulse, which is actually different from the electrical signal passing along nerves.


The inside out component relates to all states of health, illness, dysfunction and quality of life being dependant on how well our body is coordinating and regulating itself and is dependent on the body’s ability to accurately perceive and respond to environmental stimuli and triggers. If the body’s perception of self is warped or inaccurate, full vibrant health is just not possible!

What inside-out also means is that a ‘band-aid’ intervention from the ‘outside’ will only ever be a stop-gap. To truly regain or enhance health and quality of life – is an inside job, it is dependent on your body to heal, govern, regulate and coordinate itself.

There are post-graduate diplomates that exist to explore the philosophy of chiropractic – this is just a taste!