Vitalism is one component of the philosophy that guides us in our health centre
- you can read more about our philosophy here.

Vitalism is an idea that suggests that a field or intelligence exists around and inside of you that organises you and works to keep you alive;
It is this field which ‘makes’ you alive and differentiates you from something inanimate or “dead”. It is this intelligence that ‘leaves’ us when we die!

Different schools have thought have different terms for this intelligence –Many years ago, this internal ‘force’ was called the elan vital (the vital force or impulse of life); some call it the ‘vital principle.’ Many physicists now refer to it as 'the field' . Those with a more religious or spiritual persuasion might think of it as 'soul' or 'spirit.' For Star Wars fans, it's 'the force!'

Here at Noosa Junction Chiropractic, we (and many chiropractors) call it:
your ‘Innate’, or Inborn Intelligence.

It is that personalised ‘something’ derived from the greater ‘field’ of our universe that works to keep you in a state of growth and healing; it leads TOWARD more organisation (syntropy) – and it opposes nature’s typical forces that lead toward breakdown of organisation (disorganisation/chaos), break-down (decay) into ‘smaller’ parts and loss of information (entropy). 

We argue that health comes from within.
That it passes from Above-Down, and then Inside-Out.
As such healthcare needs to support this 'source' of health.

Keep in mind that you can simplify this concept down.

In the human context of OUR lives and our health we can easily accept the simple and undeniable idea that our bodies (and mind) are self-healing, self-regulating and self-coorindating. These functions are ONLY at their best (or able to occur) when our requirements for an ideal life are being met.

Our role as chiropractors is to help you harness or more fully express this intelligence, allowing you to function better and optimise the healing, regulation and coordination innately occurring inside you. It is YOU that heals you, not us!