Our Point of Difference!

Why Would YOU Choose US?
What Do We Do Differently To Help You?

Our Starting Point: Human Health is WAY MORE than just NOT being in PAIN!

We’re about so much more than sore necks and backs (although we help them too!)

An underlying principle in what we do is that you (and those you care about) are SUPPOSED to be living happy, healthy, vibrant and energised; life is SUPPOSED to be fun, productive, full of laughs and new experiences.​
Dr Adam Sherriff

Our bodies are designed to be healthy; we are MEANT to be exceptional, and the choices, care-plans and advice we give you, flow from there...

The nature of this work is both proactive and preventative

Our passion is helping you improve FUNCTION (not only react to symptoms) and we help you move toward LIVING AT YOUR BEST.

We help people learn AND implement the steps that are best for them to go up the ‘next notch’ and live a healthier life – and hopefully inspire them toward an OPTIMAL life…

Our focus is to help you live a more conscious life, develop awareness about the causes of dysfunction and dis-ease (whether subtle or overt!)
and improve upon where you are now.

Our re-formulation of the maxim ‘prevention is better than cure’ reads:

Being PROACTIVE, is better than PREVENTION, which is better than CURE"

Our Approach

Noosa Junction Chiropractic provides two inter-related approaches to improving your health and wellbeing:


Our primary clinical approach is through chiropractic care - adjusting people to enhance nerve system control and coordination

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is the approach we use FIRST, to focus on improving the FUNCTION of your NERVOUS SYSTEM. Chiropractic is one of the most powerful contributors to overall health, function and performance that we know about. Other areas on this website explain this concept in more depth. Follow the below link to explore and understand more...
What is Chiropractic Care?

Health & Wellness Coaching

Either separate to, or in conjunction with Chiropractic care, we also offer Health & Wellness Coaching!

Health & Wellness Coaching

Chiropractic is not ALL that is needed to live your best life possible. Chiropractic provides an essential part of living your most vibrant, extraordinary life - yet it is clearly not the only requirement - there are obviously other elements that contribute to your overall wellness. Health & Wellness Coaching is about supporting people to learn new strategies and understand the impact of existing behaviours on their lives, and make choices about what needs to change!
What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

Our bodies are able to regulate exactly as they need to and can self-heal in incredible ways,
assuming we reduce or remove the things that prevent or interfere with that process.

Often spinal and nerve-system dysfunction is one of those things, and sadly it rarely presents with overt pain or symptoms.

This is why we begin the journey to a more vibrant life, with Chiropractic Care.

Health & Wellness Coaching is about providing advice, strategies and a plan of what is needed for you to experience success – living a better quality of life.

Working to change Eating, Moving, Thinking, and Social Interaction toward the ways our bodies genetically require.
(these Vibrant Life ‘Keys’ are addressed through Health & Wellness Coaching)

Working toward a Vibrant (more ideal) Life means different things to different people

Whatever your meaning of ‘Ideal Life,’ we tailor what we do and support you in developing the path that is right for you. 

How we approach your situation, combining Chiropractic Care and Health & Wellness Coaching can vary depending on who you are and what your health goals happen to be:

Different ways to use our Services​

If you are in acute or chronic pain or you have nasty or annoying symptoms, let’s see if we can help.

There are times when our body lets us know that it needs some help or that we’ve exceeded what it can cope with.

Perhaps back pain, tiredness, discomfort, headaches, moodiness, bad sleep, gut challenges, anxiety or depression, problems with balance or coordination, ‘diseases’ or ‘conditions’ – sometimes they’re subtle, sometimes they’re really nasty. 

We can help you understand what causes them and how you can begin to heal them.

If you just don’t feel 100% and want to know how life could be better, let’s find out if it can be.

Many of us find that we are struggling with a ‘daily grind’ of low-level ongoing issues that sap our fun, productivity, contribution, inspiration and more.

They may commit to chiropractic care for perhaps 6 months, perhaps 12 months, perhaps longer…

Often, without you being aware, subtle spine and nervous system dysfunction can play a role in your health challenges, symptoms, dysfunction or just the sense of overwhelm that may be affecting your quality of life.

Left unresolved, this may reduce how efficiently your brain can coordinate and control YOU, potentially limiting your health potential. 

These people are often already ‘healthy’ yet they seek help to find out how to live life even better!

If you’re already healthy and just want to know how to live life to your extreme, how to live an even more vibrant life – let’s turn on the power and fire you up!

Chiropractic becomes a primary form of healthcare they use to keep them functioning well.

The great news is YOU get to CHOOSE your journey - what to implement, when and for how long.

Your goals may change over time – we accept and celebrate this because your needs and wants are always most important to us. 

We reassess your progress regularly to make sure what we are doing matches the goals you want to achieve.

We aim to help you whether you currently want to move a couple of steps forward right through to if you want to make wholesale change!

Symptoms often occur very late in any disease/dysfunction process. We aim toward proactive, preventative healthcare, not reacting only to pain or other symptoms. 

That said, often people do first see us with symptoms; yet many others come already ‘apparently healthy’ to seek support on how to live even better.

The idea: “If it ain’t broke…” seems to work for many – because so many people we know choose to stay the same and keep to their same habits.

If you truly want to make change and live better, you really need to look at how much this idea informs how you do life!