What Results Can You Expect?

At Noosa Junction Chiropractic we pride ourselves on the outcomes we achieve with our clients.

However, the regulatory environment for Chiropractors here in Australia mandate that it is unethical to make bold advertising claims; it is assumed that such claims may give an unrealistic perspective to the general public (apparently our regulatory board doesn’t think that people are smart enough to realise that just because an outcome is possible, doesn’t mean it is guaranteed for all people!).

Despite this, many chiropractors approach health & wellbeing in such a way that we don’t want you to associate our care with ‘fixing’ ‘curing’ or ‘treating’ medical conditions or diagnoses anyway! (This might sound counter-intuitive…please keep reading)

We can't PROMISE or PREDICT what results you will get or how long they may take.

Human variability is a huge factor – everyone is different and has experienced different levels of health, different traumas, stresses and more.
Lifestyle and the other forces at play in healing are different for different people, so results can vary.

For the same human variability reasons, it is equally inappropriate to suggest that every drug or surgical intervention will have the same effects for every person who uses these interventions – this is simple reality for any other form of healthcare too!

What we can say is that improvements may be noted in a wide range of human function – you may see positive change in areas such as:
 Sleep  |  Energy  |  Concentration  |  Productivity  |  Pain-levels  |  Balance  |  Coordination  |  Flexibility  |  Movement  |  Mood  |  Emotion… and potentially a whole lot more!

Some of the changes I’ve observed over the years include:

  • Increased energy or concentration
  • Better sleep, productivity, balance, coordination, flexibility or freedom of movement
  • Reduced discomfort (pain) and/or inflammation
  • Getting sick less often
  • Choosing to implement healthy life strategies (exercise, yoga, life-planning, and more!)
  • Improved moods, emotions and in some cases, mental health outcomes
  • Improvements in learning, behaviour and memory
  • Better interpersonal relationships, increased levels of happiness, fun and vitality.

The only way to know what is possible for you is to begin a trial of chiropractic care and see what changes for you. 

It is not about faith or belief; it is about being open to see what improvements come about for you.

People tend to ‘vote with their feet’ – if they don’t see benefit for themselves, they stop receiving the care!

Often, symptoms and disease-states DO improve under chiropractic care, however it must be noted that chiropractors don't claim to FIX, CURE, or TREAT these states of ill-health.

If conditions like asthma, bed-wetting, colic, digestive dysfunction, allergies, recurrent colds & flus, blood pressure challenges and the like do improve, this is purely a function of improved nervous system and enhanced brain-control of your body’s physiology and better use of your internal resources.

There is a rational theoretical basis for understanding why chiropractic may contribute to these improvements, and there is a LOT of historical anecdotal evidence of such change occurring for many people, however it inappropriate to suggest that these outcomes will occur for everyone that may seek chiropractic care.

CHIROPRACTIC is NOT a panacea for all ills!

"You need to make decisions about accepting our care based on your experience with us and whether you feel the explanations and plan of care we provide makes sense to you."
Dr Ben Phillips