What To Expect

Below, you can get a ‘sense’ of what to expect at different phases of your care in our helath centre.

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Your First Visit

Our commitment to you is we will not waste your time or money!

We review your current health, your health history (family, work, nutrition, movemennt habits etc.)
and what you want from us, to ensure that our service is right for you, right now.

We complete a comprehensive examination, including specific testing to identify the functional status of your nervous system
How well ARE your brain and body talking to each other?

We use a range of tools and tests to help us understand your true health status.
This may include assessments of balance and coordination, spinal motion, neurological & orthopaedic tests, functional fitness tests, postural analysis and more...

If we don't feel we are the best support for you, we will refer you to another chiropractor or other health professional appropriate for your needs.
In many cases it is necessary to refer you for specialised imaging of your spine, such as x-rays.

This consult and exam allows us to prepare a personalise report of findings and design the most appropriate care-plan for you going forward.

Your Second Visit

This second visit will either be later the same day or on a subsequent day.

We provide your report of findings, clarify any details you may require, review what you really want to get from your chiropractic and lifestyle care,
set clear goals and timeframes and then confirm the care-plan that works for you.

We will begin your chiropractic care on this visit.
Chiropractic adjustments may be delivered by hand or specialised tables & instruments; they are usually very fast and very gentle,
however we explain in detail what we do and why before we proceed.

Our care consists of a range of methods and techniques, such that we can modfiy our approach as necessary
for your comfort and to achieve the best outcomes for you in the fastest possible time.

A critical part of this process is to set your re-exam date for us to judge your progress!

We may cross-refer and/or co-manage your health with others in the health ‘sphere’ if we find this necessary.

Ongoing Visits

Regular or Ongoing Visits are recommended if you have evidence of Subluxation

A regular visit to our office for chiropractic care will involve a nervous system and spinal check - analysis for the presence of Subluxation.
If subluxation is identified a chiropractic adjustment is delivered.

What is "regular" can vary from one person to the next based on their current health, the goals they have for their care and their health history or lifestyle factors.
In addition to chiropractic care, ongoing visits provide the opportunity to explore how Health & Wellness Coaching can help you
- perhaps a rehab exercise, breathing techniques, a look at your nutrition or your movement or sleep hygiene.

The aim of regular adjustments is to improve the communication between body and brain,
and help it re-learn healthier strategies so that subluxations become less habitual.

We recommend you keep to the care plan you agreed to, until a progress check to assess the outcomes and decide whether further care is warranted.

'better results faster' presentation

Do you want better results, faster??

'Belief' in chiropractic is not required to get amazing results.
Yet we find that people who take the time to learn more about their bodies, their nervous system and how it controls everything in life TEND to get
better results in their care, faster!

Understanding the Wellness & Prevention paradigm, the underlying principles of Chiropractic philosophy, and how these impact your choices and actions is vital.

This presentation is a complimentary service to all of our clients - we ask that you get to this talk as soon as you can (within first 2 weeks of beginning care). Guests of new clients are welcome too - we recommend inviting a loved one to come to the presentation with you.

Progress assessments

Checking in with you regularly is important

We monitor the progress of everyone we care for. We call this a 'Progress Check.' We want to know how well we are meeting your expectations, and check what has changed for you, as well as what hasn't - yet!

We don't want people to think you are locked in, or that chiropractic is 'forever' - unless you want it to be so. Touching base at a progress check is vital to see where you feel you're at, to see if chiropractic is still right for you, and for us to collect objective measurements as well.

Recent regulatory changes now require us to doing regular progress checks and define formal 'care-plans' under law. We aim to check in at least every 12 visits, or at a frequency that suits you.

An 'oops' visit

When something untoward occurs...

If you have begun a chiropractic care plan, but something unforseen and significant occurs, we need to reassess how frequently you are seeing us, or whether there is anything we need to change in our recommendations.

A significant physical injury or trauma; an emotional experience like death of a loved one, losing a job, a marriage breakdown, or increased stress load; a significant medical diagnosis - these are just some examples where an 'oops' visit would be important.

Help us help you by making sure we are as fully informed as we need to be to provide you with the best care possible.