Our Commitments to YOU...

When you choose to become part of our tribe, we ask you to make some commitments to us.

Here are the commitments we make to you!

Above all, our commitment is to NOT waste your precious time or money. If you are not suited to our centre, or we don’t feel that we can help you – we WILL help you find the health professional that is right for you!

Let's help you live a More Conscious Life, develop awareness about the causes of dysfunction and dis-ease and improve upon wherever you are NOW!

We Promise...

We'll Honour Your Goals.

We'll Respect Your Time making your visits fast, efficient and effective.

We'll Protect Your Privacy , keeping your personal information confidential.

We'll Answer Your Questions and explain our examination findings & recommendations.

We'll Offer Choices and refer to other health professionals or specialists as needed.

We'll Encourage Participation and show you ways to get better results, faster!

We'll offer Clinical Excellence with the latest safe and natural healthcare strategies and interventions.

We'll Offer Hope because with a revived nervous system, amazing things are possible!