What Is Chiropractic Care?

Our primary approach to help you is Chiropractic Care.

Chiropractic as a profession, and as a healthcare practice is often misunderstood.

Chiropractic is NOT about 'cracking backs' to relieve back pain!

Chiropractic operates in the field of Functional Neurology - understanding that your nervous system intimately controls and coordinates your EVERY function - and from there, your health and wellbeing.

Your Nervous System

Houston Control - functions of our nervous system - perception, communication, coordination, adaptation, control, healing

The human body IS incredibly complex and intricate. It is an ‘ecosystem’ of over 75 trillion cells with specialised functions that adapt to your body’s changing requirements. You digest food, alter your heart rate and blood pressure, defend against bacteria and viruses, heal wounds and broken bones, and carry out thousands of other essential body functions without having to think about them. Primary to all of this running smoothly, is your POWER & CONTROL (super) nervous system.

This body system is often forgotten, yet it truly is the critical ‘super-system’ that senses, perceives, controls and coordinates all of your function while you are alive. 

When free from interference or dysfunction, when the brain is receiving and sending accurate information, your body’s capacity to heal, regulate and control is robust and strong.

The skull and spinal bones protect the delicate tissues of the brain and the vulnerable communication pathways of the spinal cord and nerve roots. These structures have to combine two critical roles: protection, at the same time as allowing free movement.

If coordination and communication through the nervous system is impaired, it can contribute to ‘dysregulation’ – effectively malfunction of tissues and organs throughout your body. These impacts can be subtle and usually present NO obvious symptoms – the effects of this dysregulation build up over time.

Nervous system function is complex - did you know that you have OVER 70km of nerves in your body?

Chiropractic can be defined in many ways

The Noosa Junction Chiropractic definition is simple:
Chiropractic care is the professional assessment and examination of your health status to determine if chiropractic adjustments may benefit you,
and if so, performing these adjustments.
This is in some cases related to, but most of the time separate from the process of managing any symptoms you may have.

Chiropractic in its current form is a health profession that was ‘discovered’ in 1895. 

One very simple (perhaps too simple!) explanation is that chiropractic is about improving and ensuring appropriate movement (and as a result: the neurological perception, integration and control of movement) – because movement is life!

As a health discipline, chiropractic combines the science of identifying subluxations** (described below), consideration of how they may relate to or impact your health status, and the art of providing (delivering) chiropractic adjustments to help your body correct the impact of subluxations on your nervous system.

Chiropractic is an approach to health and wellbeing that centres around the body’s own natural ability to function and heal itself. 

Chiropractic is defined by a distinct philosophy about life, health and how we interact with all things natural. 

** Chiropractors are the only health professionals trained to locate and correct subluxations.

You ARE:

Self-healing, Self-regulating,
Self-aware, and Self-coordinating
- ALL because your nervous system is doing its job.

If it gets compromised,
then YOU get compromised!

Vertebral = of the spine  |  Subluxation = less than a complete dislocation  |  Complex = a syndrome of related changes to function

If left uncorrected subluxations can progress, leading from subtle dysfunction to dis-ease, malfunction, breakdown, and may in time contribute to overt disease. They do this by interfering with the flow of information (and/or the processing of information) and energy along and over the nerves of your body and within your brain and other neural processing regions.

** We must acknowledge that while this concept is clearly accepted by chiropractors, the body of high-level research evidence supporting this claim is still in its infancy; however there is a significant amount of undisputed basic science from which this theory is drawn. 

The approach we take in our health centre is that if we can find clinical evidence of subluxations being present, then adjustments are indicated and being adjusted to reduce subluxations will have benefit on your body function and health status.

More on the rationale for this statement, here:

Subluxations are caused by the interplay of life’s major challenges – physical, biochemical, mental-emotional and social and how flexible your body and mind (nervous system) are to be able to cope with, adapt to or integrate their effects.

Our goal is to locate subluxations, help you reduce them (usually through chiropractic adjustments), teach you how to put in place lifestyle changes to prevent or reduce their re-occurrence and thereby unleash your inherent capacity to heal, coordinate and function at your best.

Adjustments are performed at varying frequencies depending on your needs, current health status and lifestyle factors which may be facilitating the return of subluxations.

For more on what an adjustment is, click here:

You "drive" your chiropractic experience...

It is so important to know that YOU have ultimate control as to how often and for how long you consult with us.

  • We discuss with you and agree on a plan of care that makes sense to you.
  • Our care plans are based on your presenting health history and current situation, the goals you have for your health, our clinical experience and a whole lot more.
  • They involve chiropractic care, and Vibrant Life Health & Wellness Coaching  to get the best possible results for you.
  • We regularly review your progress to ensure you’re happy with the results you are achieving and that we are meeting or exceeding your expectations.
"It is important to understand that we do not recommend
unnecessary or excessive chiropractic care."
Dr Ben in uniform outside with blurred background
Dr Ben Phillips
Some people choose to incorporate regular chiropractic care as one part of their lifestyle and health-maintenance framework throughout their lives – whatever choice you make is always up to you.
If you understand and accept the rationale for regular chiropractic available here, then evidence of the presence of subluxations clearly justifies provision of chiropractic adjustments.

If such clinical evidence exists, we offer you chiropractic care.
You choose to receive chiropractic care for as long as you feel it benefits you!

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